Postdocs: You Are Appreciated ALL the Time

BalloonsWelcome to Postdoc Appreciation Week! I hope that you were all out on the lawn in front of Building 1 yesterday, enjoying your Georgetown Cupcakes. I am sorry I missed that event, I can tell you!

Some of you may think that one week is insufficient to recognize contributions made by postdocs. To quell this cynicism, I offer a poem, celebrating all that you contribute as a postdoctoral scholar:

P ostdocs are some of the smartest around – and most of the time, their judgment is sound.

O n top of innovations, breakthroughs, new techniques, they absorb lots of data to find what they seek.

S cholars research and write, year in and year out,

T il journals accept, increasing their clout.

D riving teams forward, they lead projects ahead,

O pen to ideas, they consume what is said.

C onclusions are reached, the answer is clear:

S cience advances through you – not one week, but all year!

Enjoy the rest of this week – and take advantage of all the fun events around you! Check out the OITE website for a full listing by location. And thank you once again for all that you do.


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